Investment Philosophy

Building a solid financial foundation

At Moscaret Investment Advisory, our investing philosophy is centered on helping clients build a solid financial foundation. Most advisory firms adhere to an investment process that is not unique. What differentiates us from other advisors is that we never let process stand in the way of progress. That means our investing process adapts to you, our client, and not the other way around. We are not bound to a single investment style. Our understanding of your goals and concerns—as well as the overall condition of the markets—will shape your specific investment plan with us. We help grow and preserve your wealth using investing discipline and flexibility. Our five-step process for building your unique financial foundation includes:

Step 1: In-depth consultation
We begin with an in-depth review of your financial house in order to identify your specific goals and investment objectives.

Step 2: Investment policy design
An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) defines your financial goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and target asset allocation.

Step 3: Customized portfolio construction
Your portfolio will be uniquely designed and constructed using a mix of equity, alternative, fixed income, and cash instruments.

Step 4: Continuous reporting
You will receive monthly statements that confirm holdings, values, and transactions, as well as quarterly performance reports and online account access to track your progress and keep you informed.

Step 5: Ongoing monitoring
Tactical adjustments that we deem appropriate will be communicated to you to ensure that your investment plan remains on track with your long-term goals.