The Client Experience

Helping You Achieve Life's Financial Goals

We understand that no two individuals are alike. That is why our focus is on the overall client experience when working with our clients to pursue their financial goals. We provide a positive client experience by focusing on your goals andour relationship. Each of these evolves over time, but know that you are not just an account number to us, you are a person—a person we want to build a relationship with as we build your financial foundation.

Personal Relationship Focus
We begin by learning who you are as a person - what "keeps you up at night" about your financial situation. We seek to know your core values and how they relate to your financial goals. This enables us to provide a personalized approach to our relationship. In fact, our goal is to build a relationship that can extend to your heirs and future generations. At all times, we strive to respond to your questions and concerns in a timely fashion, communicate with you in the form and frequency that you value the most, and always find the best financial solutions for you.

What to bring to your first meeting

Investment and Financial Planning Focus
Once your plan is established by writing and agreeing to an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), we continue to monitor and reassess your investment strategy as your needs evolve or as market conditions change. We discuss prospective changes in client meetings, phone calls, and e-mails. We review and communicate:

  • Individualized investment strategies
  • Risk management and downside portfolio protection
  • Insight on tax law changes and other developments that may impact your portfolio
  • Timely investment-related articles and market commentaries
  • New investment opportunities