Why Charitable Giving Should Be Part of Your Financial Strategy

There are many reasons that people have for giving to charity. Here we take a look at some of the emotional and financial benefits of giving back and why charitable giving should be a part of your financial strategy.

Be Prepared for These Complexities in Your Family Business Transfer

If you're a business owner planning your exit strategy, it's possible that you have considered a family business transfer. Family business transfers can be a smart and strategic way to pass the reins of your business, but, like any family affair, can also come with a host of unforeseen complexities. Here, we explore some of them.

Long Term Care: How it works and Why it's Important

We all know that as people age, they are more likely to experience health problems. What many people fail to realize and plan for, though, is the tremendous price tag that comes with some of these health concerns. Here we take a look at Long Term Care: How it Works and Why it's Important.

2021 in Review: More “Unprecedented Times”


During the pandemic year of 2020, most of us read (and used) the phrase “unprecedented times” … with … well … unprecedented frequency.  2021 was another year of many “firsts” that are still having economic, financial, and lifestyle impacts for many companies and investors. Let’s take a look at a few of the “unprecedented” happenings of 2021.

Tips on Creating a Tax-Smart Withdrawal Strategy for Retirement

There are many factors to consider when planning for your retirement — and one of them is how, when, and how much you will withdraw from your retirement accounts. Here are key points to consider when developing your retirement withdrawal strategy. 

Will Omicron Derail the Recovery?

Today, we're sharing Commonwealth Chief Investment Officer Brad McMillan's thoughts on the Omicron variant and whether it will impact economic recovery.

Inflation and Your Portfolio

Many investors are starting to worry about increases in the cost of living and how a higher rate of inflation will affect the economy and their investments. Some inflation is considered healthy for an economy but too much inflation can wreck it. Here, we take a look at some historical data and the insight it may give.

4 Common Trust Fund Mistakes to Avoid

We all want to make sure our children and grandchildren are provided for, and so we set up secure, foolproof trust funds—or so we think. There are several mistakes you can run into when designing a trust. Here we take a look at a few of them.

Charitable Giving Strategies for Your Family

The holiday season is a special time with the spirit of joy and giving all around. This is also a time when many consider making a charitable gift. Here we discuss a few of the most popular and incentivizing giving vehicles for you to consider.

Managing Your Finances after Divorce

The divorce rate among adults aged 50 and older doubled between 1990 and 2010.  When going through a divorce there are so many emotions the last thing on your mind is "financial fitness". However, here are four key questions you should ask your financial advisor and lawyer.