What to bring to your first meeting

first_meeting (1)

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our time together, please be sure you bring the following materials with you for our initial meeting together:

  • Most recent investment related documents (IRA and
    • Brokerage investment statements
    • Money market statements
    • CD statements (showing maturity)
    • 401(k) statements and list of available fund options
    • Annuity statements
    • Itemization of currently held stock certificates (in certificate form)
    • Itemization of bonds (i.e., Series E, EE, and HH bonds) and their face amounts
  • Employment benefits description
  • Pension information
  • Most recent social security estimate
  • Life insurance policies and most current annual statement
  • Disability policies specifications
  • Most recent IRS tax return
  • Most recent paystub(s)
  • Outstanding loans (mortgage) specifications
  • A copy of your will/trust
  • Your spouse or any other person with whom you will be making financial decisions

Please note: Upon your consent, our office may photocopy the above documents for your convenience. These documents would be confidentially maintained in our office files for future reference and analysis.